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Dermatologically tested professional cosmetics, formulated to be free from petroleum, preservatives, parabens, chemical colourants, fragrance allergens, SLES, SLS and nickel surfactants.

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Baby Crema Sos
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Baby Crema Sos

Creamy paste designed with a high percentage of Zinc Oxide, indicated to protect baby’s skin and to calm irritation of the bottom, as well as those areas prone to redness. Also enriched with Lactobacillus Complex, rice water and sweet almond oil, helping to strengthen skin’s natural defenses, with a refreshing and soothing action too.
Diade Olio Delicato
Body oil formulated with Rice bran oil, Grapeseed oil and a mix of Active oils that perform an emollient, nourishing and antioxidant action, helping to make the skin more hydrated and protected. Rich in oleolite of Mallow, Altea, Calendula refreshes and soothes. Ideal during pregnancy, after childbirth, during breastfeeding and for massage of children and babies too, whenever they need pampering and attention.
Diade Bagnetto Delicato
Delicate body and hair cleanser with ingredients that help cleanse the skin and the most delicate skins, such as those of children and expectant mothers, respecting the natural hydrolipidic film. The complex based on Lactobacilli, active rice water and organic calendula extract, give a pleasant freshness, as well as, soft and clean hair.
Diade Cofanetto Simbiosi
A complete range of delicate, effective and, above all, safe cosmetics, formulated to be applied serenely both on the delicate skin of children, from the cradle to the first years of their life, as well as of, future and new mums, in a safe sharing of love. Sharing beauty cosmetics between mother and child is a gesture of affection and protection, to look after the baby without forgetting about yourself. A new vision of the mother and baby dyad that gently takes care of their skin during pregnancy and motherhood. The innovation is the careful choice of ingredients that allow mothers and children to use the same products, without neglecting the skin and body care routine.
Diade Crema Delicata
Delicate body cream rich in functional substances such as Lactobacillus Complex, Rice starch, Calendula extract and Shea butter, able to refresh, soothe, hydrate and soften the skin, helping to strengthen skin’s natural defenses. Ideal for gently moisturizing and softening baby’s skin after a bath. Very useful for mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding to keep the skin supple, helping to prevent stretch marks, keeping soft and well nourished the body skin.
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The box contains the Beauty Routine to protect, illuminate and strengthen mature and dry skin. COMPOSITION 1 E-Cream 60 ml 1 E-Vitamin Serum 30 ml 1 Integra-Eyecream 30 ml 4 Integra-Scrub + Integra-Mask 10 ml+10 ml

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Professional cosmetics
Beautech’s signature represents the perfect balance between scientific rigour in formulating cosmetics, manual intelligence and an instrumental understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Our method skilfully performs these scores to offer our clients a beauty result that is naturally unlike any other.

Intensive protocol for Different skin types

  • Skin type with greater hydration and brightness
  • Skin type with dilated pores and impurities
  • Skin type with irregular pigmentation and spots
We refresh your beauty with unique acid synergy formula. The above beauty packs comprising lotion, booster and face cream brightens your facial skin and make it youthful again. Minimizing all the imperfections, refresh your skin and make it glow.

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We’re an Italian-based research and development lab ready to make a difference in the beauty sector. Combining unmatched expertise in professional cosmetics, elegant furnishings, and innovative technologies, we meet the demands of Beauty and wellness professionals. Beautech maintains a perfect balance between formulating cosmetics with manual intelligence and cutting edge technologies.

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